Driving Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The right technology can transform your business and drive new growth.  But technology is just a tool.  Without the right implementaiton and direction, CRM can become a screwdriver when you really need a shovel.  With assistance from MDE3, your Dynamics CRM project can on task for what makes your business run.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Your people use Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Microsoft Outlook everyday to do their job.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a familiar user interface that your people will feel comfortable with.  MS Dynamics CRM also fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook.  This allows your people to work in a tool they already know.

Why MDE3?

MDE3 has experience in the full lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  With experience in requirement gathering, design, development, implementation and training.  We have worked on projects all over the world in industries ranging from Real Estate to Non-Profit.